Balance Board

Montessori balance board will make your child love balancing games. You think it’s impossible? With our balancer, balancing is great fun, but also learning. Connect the footbridges with each other in any way, turning them into huge blocks, making them an obstacle course, a balance school, a bridge or a track for cars. It is impressive and children love it from the first use! We also made sure that the set folds and unfolds almost immediately, so you can start the fun with only a few moments!


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You surely know the “floor is lava” game that develops dexterity and a sense of balance! But to the point – the fun is not to touch the floor.

The Montessori-style balance system is nothing more than a board suspended at a height of 15 mm, which we have rounded and smoothed out. A special system of connectors allows you to connect one balance beam to another, the second to the third, and so on. Thanks to this, you can create obstacle courses of any shape – open (like a zigzag or U-shaped), or closed – like a square or other shapes. What’s more, special holes in the boards allow you to create forks on which your children can race safely.

All of this can be fully disassembled in a few seconds, thanks to which the toy becomes small and handy to hide in the wardrobe. You will reassemble the toy no less quickly. And did we say that the whole thing can work like blocks to put together or a track for a toy car? Cool!

What are the advantages of this toy? First of all – great activity for kids, regardless of age. We develop their fine motor skills and broadly understood efficiency with an emphasis on the ability to balance. In addition, the piece of furniture will be great as a toy – to limit the play space, a track for driving, mega-blocks or a manipulation toy. Little? Wait for your child to get their hands on it, there will be new ways to use it for sure!

It is probably not even worth mentioning that the whole thing is made of certified plywood, which is 150mm thick.

Size – 900mm L x 130mm W x 300mm H

How it’s working? The whole path consists of 3 types of elements – a balance board that has special grooves on the bottom to connect it to the bases and 2 types of bases (with tabs that hook on the balance – allowing you to end or start the path, and connectors that allow you to connect consecutive balances Sample configurations:

triangle – 3 balance boards and 3 connectors,

zigzag from 3 balances – 3 balance boards , 2 connectors, 2 path starts,
nine out of 6 beam-beam – 6 balance boards, 5 connectors, 2 start of the path

Single connectors and balance beam beginnings available in our store!

The price is for one beam and one connector or two endings / beginnings.

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One balancing board, Connector


One Balancing Board & Connector, start & end support