Pikler Triangle

Develop confidence in the children’s climbing ability at home with our Pikler Triangle.

Designed by education, the Pikler Frame was developed for infants and toddlers to develop confidence in moving and climbing in a space they feel comfortable in, home. It will also give you a safe place for you to redirect them, if they like to climb the furniture!

It will not only strengthen their core, improve their balance and physical and spatial awareness, it will also give them a boost to their self-esteem once they reach the playground too.

Very solid rungs are wide, making it easy to put your foot on them (forget about the painful bars!). The last one has a special profile that allows you to attach any type of SensoFeet slide.


The toddler climbing frames are handmade and are made from high quality timber which is carefully sanded to prevent sharp edges and splinters, for safety they have been weight tested up to 114kg making them suitable for ages between 6 months and 6 years.


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We have tested various shapes and technological solutions for a long time – here is the effect. If you dream about supporting your child in the first steps, we are here with our pickle for you. It is an ideal toy, but also a learning tool for climbing and descending, which will satisfy your child’s hunger for climbing. We used it – as in all our furniture – proven plywood with a thickness of 15mm, which allows adults to climb … so it will be perfect for replacing light bulbs. The mechanism for folding the pickler requires strength – it is not possible for the pickler to fold by itself during a crazy child’s play.


At 91cm tall the Pikler Frame will support your infant as they learn to stand, and is the perfect height for your toddler to build their confidence as they climb over the top. The frame can also be folded easily so that you can tuck out of the way when they are not using it.


From our own experience of our little climber, when the frame is not being used for its traditional purpose it become a tunnel, teddy house or with the addition of a blanket it’s a den or tent, it even makes for a handy clothes horse when the baby is in bed :).


For convenient storage the frame will easily fold flat and can be stored away safely in a cupboard or behind a chair etc.


The triangles are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put the triangle together.


The dimensions of the toddler climbing frame –

Open  Р505mm wide x 915 mm tall x 990mm deep.

Closed – 505mm wide x 1070mm tall x 280mm deep.


Please visit our shop for more pikler triangle accessories including slides, climbing walls and ball runs.