Rocking Swing & Ladder

This is the best set for the beginning of the adventure with a rocker, so that you can use the enormous possibilities of our Montessori furniture. Both pieces of furniture have been designed to be fully compatible with each other, creating a climbing, slides, barrage, tunnel, house, rocking chair and finally a balancing board. And that’s just the beginning before your child gets creative. How it’s working? Turn the rocker over and use the spacing of the rungs by blocking the slide on the piece of furniture. From now on, your child can slide safely, and when the descents get bored, turn the board upside down and you have a ladder. The specially designed rung spacing in the ladder also allows you to put it on a rocker in a classic rocking configuration, changing the set into a balancing board.


Dispatched within 14 working days


Dispatched within 14 working days


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The rocker + slide set is the most popular choice of Parents and a compromise between price, functionality and versatility. The multitude of applications is stunning and makes the piece of furniture usable for many years and never gets boring. In a word, to be used by both the youngest and older children.

Perfect for children from 0 to 6 years old.

That sets are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put the triangle together.

We suggest using the toy in the following way:

  • rocker
  • climber
  • climbing and slide
  • swing
  • balancing board
  • a bridge to go under the rocker
  • hammock (for use with a scarf)