Senso Silver Flakes

Senso Silver Flakes is a tile measuring 30cm to stimulate sensory perception. The tiles can be interlocked easily which allows you to create new and different paths with every play session. This product is crafted with safe procedures marked as CE. Sensory path is a teaching aids. It’s perfect for a Montessori education.


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Sensory Hexagon with Silver Flakes

Important Points:

  • The biggest tiles for sensory development.
  • CE & UKCA tested and marked.
  • The product is a teaching aid. The presence of an adult is required during use by children.
  • Use barefoot or in socks, NO shoes!
  • The resin we use to fix the fillings is certified and safe for children and adults.
  • Secured with edible oil.
  • Wood is a natural raw material, therefore it is recommended to take care of it with oils that are safe for children.
  • Every set can be a little bit different due to natural resources.
  • 5% of loose materials may fall off during the first use, the presence of a guardian is required when using our aids.
  • Tiles shouldn’t be exposed to adverse weather conditions (rain, moisture)
  • Tiles can be used indoor and outdoor
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of the panels (throwing, banging).
  • Tiles are handmade and each made within care.



Sensory tiles, within the meaning of generally applicable law, are not toys, but teaching aids. The presence of an adult is required for use by children.This product is crafted with safe procedures marked as CE.