Pikler Triangle with Rocking Swing Set

You have two most proven pieces of furniture in front of you, which are a great base for your child’s development. Balancing, rocking and climbing will be fully satisfied, and your toddler will gain dexterity and a sense of balance. It is worth mentioning that each piece of furniture is fully compatible with various types of accessories, so it is really the beginning of a great adventure with Montessori! Learning to climb stairs will be great fun at the same time, and rocking is always great, so by choosing this set you can be sure that your child will smile!


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We recommend this set especially because of its multi-functionality – in addition to the standard possibilities of the rocker, you also get a pickler that will perfectly teach your child to use the legs to climb. Additionally, if you have two children at home, expect absolute madness – it is worth making sure that they have something to share! Perfect for children from 0 to 6 years old.

That sets are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put the triangle together.

Dimensions Pikler Triangle:

Open  – 505mm L x 915 mm H x 990mm W.

Closed – 505mm L x 1070mm H x 280mm W.

Dimensions Rocking Swing:  1100mm L x 500mm W x 600mm H

We suggest using the toy in the following way:

  • Slide,
  • Ball run,
  • Ladder.