Extra Large Rocker Swing

This Rocker is a “must have” in a home with children of all ages – perfect for babies, toddler and preschooler. From the function of a rocker and sleeper, through a tunnel or house (covered with a blanket) to a ladder that can be climbed on. If you add to it a number of accessories available in our store, each time you expand the scope of your child’s creativity. And don’t forget about yourself too – a child who is busy rocking is a few moments of dream relaxation for you.


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Our wooden rocker is an excellent open ended climbing toy that encourages balance, gross motor skills and core strength.

It opens a world of possibilities for play, there are after all no limits to imagination.

It can be a bridge, a rocker, a recliner, a see-saw, a tunnel, a den… a true journey of discovery!

Pikler ball run and blackboard.

This is an awesome addition to a pikler triangle, promoting hours of fresh learning through play.

Dimensions – 1100mm L x 500mm W x 600mm H

The Rockers Swings are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put the triangle together.

The ball run and other slides are available on our website just simply add when ordering!


Its promotes:

MIDLINE CROSSING- when a child crosses the midline of their body to draw they force both sides of the brain to work together, this also helps to develop the foundation for hand balance.

HAND/EYE COORDINATION: working on a vertical surface brings the task closer to the childs eyes and helps bring their gaze forwards and upwards.

CORE STRENGTH: drawing in a kneeling or standing position engages core and back muscles.

SPATIAL AWARENESS: working on a vertical surface makes directional terms (up, down) easier to understand becuase they relate the terms to their own body.

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: by drawing vertically, especially on a pikler, the childnis moving and engaging their whole body!

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: creating vertically encourages hand stabilisation!