Rock Wall and Slide Set

You already have a rocker, but your child has exhausted all possible ways to play with a piece of furniture? Nothing is lost, because this is just the beginning of playing with this phenomenal toy. For the start, we offer one of several types of slides, which, when turned, can also be a climbing wall. We have equipped it with special grips, identical to those used by real mountaineers, so that your little one feels like a real conqueror of Mount Everest. The Roof of the World Conquered? We fly further – thanks to the special arrangement of the “pebbles” they will perfectly lock on the rocker, creating a swing or a balancing board!


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The product is made of high-quality plywood, so thick that it will not even creak under your child (and maybe you too, just don’t forget to give the toys to your kids when you’re finished!). The super easy way to turn a slide into a wall and vice versa lets you completely change the way you use the toy in no time. Our designers have made sure that each piece of furniture is perfectly mounted and stable, regardless of whether you adjust it to a rocker, ankle or a pickler.

Perfect for children from 1 to 6 years old.

The Rock walls are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put the triangle together.

We suggest using the toy in the following ways:

  • slide
  • climbing wall
  • Ball runner (in combination with a toy car or a ball)
  • balancing board
  • swing for two children