Kitchen Helper

Our folding toddler tower is ideal if you are short on space but have a little one with big ideas.

Allowing your littles the freedom to reach and ‘help’ at work surface or sink height whilst being compact in that it folds up to be stashed away.

Toddler Kitchen helper encourage:

  • Independence
  • Gross motor skills and
  • Confidence


It is a stable and sturdy design with 3 different platform heights allowing it to grow with your child. The next planes are at the heights of 320, 380 and 440 mm

Why do you need a kitchen helper? First of all, this wonderful piece of furniture will allow your child to accompany you in culinary adventures – every time you prepare a meal, the child, standing on the helper, will not only see what is happening on the table, but also help you transfer vegetables 😉 What is more, the kitchen helper is a kind of playpen, which, regardless of age, will allow you to keep your most energetic child in one place. When you take care of dinner, you don’t have to worry about where your ancymoon has disappeared again!

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Let’s talk about technicalities!


The first advantage of this piece of furniture is the fact that it can have as many as three possible heights for a child standing. So it grows with the child, thanks to which it will accompany him for years. The next planes are at the heights of 320, 380 and 440 mm, respectively. Wow! It’s really a lot!

Size of product: 430mm wide x 870 mm tall x 480mm deep.

At a height of 630 mm, you can also horizontally insert a specially profiled surface, which will serve as a seat for your toddler – if he does sit down, it will fit perfectly there by hanging the legs from the toy, and at the same time it will be limited by the railing. Wow! Safely!


Larger children, when they will stand on the helper, so that they do not fall out of the back, can be blocked with the seat described above, but inserted vertically into a special profile in the kitchen helper. Deliberately what?


And finally madness – a barrow, where we will feed a ball run with a special disc, which is included in the set. It’s just cool. So we have an educational and fun aspect in one! The pulley has been designed so that it sometimes turns and changes its rolling direction. Either way, it will definitely go to the tummy.


Let’s sum up – a kitchen helper that allows children to accompany children in their daily kitchen activities, well-suited and suitable for a toddler who is just sitting down, up to a five-year-old. Everything is made with care for safety (we wrote that all the edges are rounded?) For a small user and, finally, a practical piece of furniture is also a great toy because it contains a barcode. Montessori squared!


Oho, I think someone has fallen in love with this helper!


The Kitchen helpers are delivered in flat packed form, they are very simple to put together and come with assembly instructions and all the tools required to put it together.